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Bad Guys Calendar - and it is sa-mokin'!
book cover, MoC
Okay, I'll just reiterate once more...I'm bad at updating. The interview I mentioned I'd post with Nathie Block - the artist from whom I licensed work for Master of Crows and who also illustrated this for the book:

...well, that will wait until Monday when LJ isn't quite so dead. I hope you'll all stop by, read and comment. Just as a teaser, I'm linking to a calender project she's been working on for 2010. I think it goes up for sale within the next couple of weeks. It's called Bad Guys. I think it should be called Hot Guys for obvious reasons.


...will take you to her main page at Deviant Art. Look to the left and scroll down to where you see Bad Guy Project. She has them all nicely grouped their with the month tag. As I'm quite partial to long white hair, I'd have to say the drow, representing May, is my favorite.


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